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Applied Sciences | Civil & Environmental Engineering


Applied Sciences is a civil and environmental engineering firm specializing in water management and sustainable solutions.  Founded in Tampa, Florida, the firm serves public agencies seeking practical, innovative solutions to a broad array of water management and water quality challenges.  Applied Sciences has earned a reputation for excellence among its local government clients who rely on this experience and in-depth regulatory knowledge to address their stormwater, environmental and infrastructure needs – while deploying fiscal prudence and creative solutions.  Count on Applied Sciences to do it right, with integrity. › More

Over environmental concerns, Florida house passes water bill
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Water policy legislation favored by business interests and opposed by environmental advocates cleared the Florida House Thursday with bipartisan support. But a parallel effort in the Senate looks much different and it is unclear if the two chambers can reach an agreement.

The water bill is a top priority for House Speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, an agribusiness owner who has repeatedly talked about his desire to leave a legacy of tackling water quality and supply issues. “You have to have some place to start,” Crisafulli said after the debate. “This is a good place for us to start.”  Many House Democrats echoed those statements and most voted for the legislation, which passed 106-9.

Rep. Darryl Rouson, the St. Petersburg Democrat whose district includes parts of Sarasota and Manatee counties, said he supports the bill because it has “positive aspects for our water quality and our environment.”  › More

Phase 2 Rules for Small MS4s to be Updated

EPA and the Natural Resources Defense Council have agreed to a settlement agreement where EPA will publish a notice of intent to propose rulemaking by December 17th and publish a final rule by November 17, 2016, regarding the Phase 2 MS4 permits.  The Agreement stems from a 2014 lawsuit seeking to enforce the provisions of a 2003 order finding that the general permitting scheme of EPA’s Phase 2 MS4 rules allows small MS4s to design stormwater pollution control programs without adequate regulatory and public oversight, and violates the Clean Water Act because it does not require EPA to review the content of the MS4’s Notices of Intent to discharge.  FSA has been involved in preliminary discussions concerning the rule with EPA and will be watching its development, as the pending rules could have significant impacts on small MS4 permit holders.  › More