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Applied Sciences | Civil & Environmental Engineering


Applied Sciences is a civil and environmental engineering firm specializing in water management and sustainable solutions.  Founded in Tampa, Florida, the firm serves public agencies seeking practical, innovative solutions to a broad array of water management and water quality challenges.  Applied Sciences has earned a reputation for excellence among its local government clients who rely on this experience and in-depth regulatory knowledge to address their stormwater, environmental and infrastructure needs – while deploying fiscal prudence and creative solutions.  Count on Applied Sciences to do it right, with integrity. › More

2015 Report Card For Utah’s Infrastructure
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Utah’s public infrastructure systems are at a crossroads of historic growth.Significant changes are needed as population density increases and the state’s infrastructure faces new demands. Utah is seeing a rapid shift towards urbanization but also a transition in infrastructure use from an agrarian to urban corridor. Both old and new infrastructure will require Utah’s attention. In this assessment, available funding and needs information was compiled, and it is estimated that Utah’s infrastructure needs over the next 20 years exceed $60 billion to both maintain and provide infrastructure for growing areas. As federal funding sources recede, the State of Utah will need to strive to be self-sufficient in the planning and funding of infrastructure. The 2015 Report Card for Utah’s Infrastructure is an independent review of the current state of infrastructure needs, capability and funding in the State of Utah by the Utah Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is a tool that shows every citizen the extent, condition, and importance of the state’s infrastructure assets that support modern life.   › More

ASCE endorses $1 trillion infrastructure bill

On Tuesday, ASCE senior managing director Casey Dinges, participated in a press conference hosted by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporting legislation that would invest $1 trillion by 2020 for investment in a wide variety of infrastructure sectors.  “Senator Sanders’ initiative to invest $1 trillion over five years through his Rebuild America Act will have a far-reaching impact on restoring and modernizing our nation’s aging infrastructure,” said Dinges.  The legislation would provide, among other investments, an additional $75 billion federal annual investment for the Highway Trust Fund; $15 billion a year to improve intercity passenger, high-speed and freight rail; $12 billion a year to upgrade dams and levees; and $3 billion a year to improve inland waterways.  A link to the full summary of the bill can be found here.  The legislation does not identify a mechanism to pay for the legislation, as Senator Sanders said at the press conference, “We’ll have a debate on how to fund it in the weeks and months to come.”